National Career Readiness Certificate

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Development is KEY

An image of a lock and keyThe National Career Readiness Certificate is a portable record of work skills. Training and testing of abilities in reading, locating information in charts and graphs, and math can help:

  • Find the best job match.
  • Increase the opportunities to be hired
  • Improve skills and flexibility to meet the demands of the changing workplace.

The National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC) documents skill achievement in Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, and Applied Math at four levels-Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

National Career Readiness Certification Levels

Bronze     Silver     Gold     Platinum

National Career Readiness Training

Tools: WorkKeys, WorkKeys Curriculum, and Career Skills

The National Career Readiness Certification uses the WorkKeys Curriculum system* to determine the skills needed for success in the workplace. Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, and Applied Math are the target skills for certification because these skills are required in over 85% of jobs. Using the WorkKeys Curriculum system, current skill levels are determined in these three areas. Training helps close the gap between current skills and desired certification level.

Training helps develop the skills needed to meet the job requirements. WorkKeys Curriculum is the pre-test and training tool for increasing skills. In a classroom with an instructor, learning is self-paced. WorkKeys Curriculum is a very easy to use Internet-based course.

*The WorkKeys system is a three pronged workforce development tool consisting of job profiling, skill assessment, and training. Contact Gaston College HRD Department for more information.

To view WorkKeys sample questions, click here for SAMPLE QUESTIONS

To find a WorkKeys Testing Site near you, visit TESTING SITE

Employers NCRC Requirements

 Employer’s responses to our NCRC program

NCRC 2024 Summer Semester Testing Schedule
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National Career Readiness Certification:
Advantages for Everyone

  • Employees have the skills to be confident and successful in the workplace.
  • Employees train more quickly in a new job. They are ready for promotion or new responsibilities.
  • The NCRC is recognized by employers across the state and across the nation.
  • Training is low-cost, free, or may be paid by employers.
  • Area companies want to hire workers with the skills that match the jobs.
  • Well-trained workers in Gaston and Lincoln Counties make our area very attractive for businesses to start up and grow.
  • More businesses-more jobs. Better skills-better jobs.
  • NCRC Plus offers the WorkKeys Career Skills curriculum to provide “soft skills” training employers want and need.

To obtain a National Career Readiness Certificate, or for more information on other WorkKeys Assessments needed for employment credentials, email or phone 704.922.6347.