Financial Aid

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Government partial shutdown impacting financial aid application process

The national electronic financial aid application process is being impacted by the partial shutdown of the federal government. We’re making every effort we can to determine student eligibility. If you are selected for verification, please contact the Financial Aid/Veterans Affairs office at 704-922-6227 to request extended processing time.

We look forward to a great spring semester, and we encourage all students to continue to register.

Please remember, all financial aid awards are subject to verification for accuracy. Adjustments may be needed after documents are submitted.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, commonly referred to as the FAFSA, is your first step. The FAFSA determines your eligibility for valuable federal and/or state grants as well as federal work-study positions. Never assume that you won’t qualify!

Check out this short video!

At Gaston College, we work with families one-on-one as you navigate the financial aid process. Every student should complete the FAFSA and get informed about your real options.
For more information on the options available for funding your education, please visit the
Financial Aid homepage.

Please note: Gaston College does not participate in any student loan programs.
The following courses are not eligible for financial aid: CJC-100, NAS-101, NAS-102, NAS-103, NAS-107, PBT-100 and PBT-101. In some instances, other courses or majors may also be ineligible. Please contact the Financial Aid office if you have questions.