Gaston College Administration

Gaston College’s Administration is dedicated to organizational excellence through the realization of the College’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan. Led by the President and Executive Council, the College comprises five divisions, which include Academic Affairs, Economic and Workforce Development, Student Affairs, Finance, Operations, and Facilities, and Administrative Services.


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Gaston College Administration

Executive Council

Dr. Patricia Skinner, President
Dr. Dewey Dellinger, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Dennis McElhoe, Vice President for Economic and Workforce Development
Dr. Silvia Patricia Husain, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Ms. Cynthia McCrory, Vice President for Finance, Operations, and Facilities
Mr. Todd Baney, Chief Administrative Officer
Ms. Julia Allen, Development Officer/Executive Director – Gaston College Foundation

Other Administrative Positions:

Ms. Audrey Sherrill, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Heather Woodson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean-Kimbrell Campus
Dr. John McHugh, Dean – Lincoln Campus