Gaston College is supported by the taxpayers of North Carolina and Gaston and Lincoln counties and maintains modest instructional and general fees that are subject to change by action of the state of North Carolina and the Board of Trustees of Gaston College.

Tuition & Fees


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$76.00 per credit hour in-state, 16 hours maximum
$268.00 per credit hour out-of-state, 16 hours maximum

Credit Hours

In-State Tuition

Out-of-State Tuition


Usage Fee:

$12.00 per semester, Fall & Spring
$10.00 per semester, Summer

Lab Fee:

Level 1: $6.00 per lab hour
Level 2: $12.00 per lab hour
Level 3: $18.00 per lab hour
Level 4: $24.00 per lab hour

Technology Fee: 

5 hours or less: $16.00
6 – 8 hours: $18.00
9 – 11 hours: $20.00
12 or more hours: $22.00

Student Activity Fee: $15.00

Other Fees

Malpractice Insurance: $13.00 annually (Health Services & Nursing Programs)
Graduation Fee 1st Degree: $45.00
Graduation Fee concurrent degree: $15.00

Official Student Transcript: $7.00 each
Parking Violation Fine: $5.00 each

Returned Check Service Charge: $25.00

Test Fees: Fees are subject to change without notice
TEAS:  $65.00

Student Assistance and Accident Insurance Fees:

  • $4.00 student assistance and accident insurance fee for curriculum students
  • $1.00 accident insurance fee for continuing education students

Student Accident Insurance Plan provides coverage to all registered and enrolled curriculum and continuing education students for covered injuries sustained while the insured student is participating in activities sponsored and supervised by the school. This insurance provides secondary coverage and applies only after the claim has been reviewed by the student’s primary insurance provider.

The Student Outreach Program (SOS) provides coverage to all registered and enrolled curriculum and qualifying continuing education students and is very similar to an Employee Assistance Program. The SOS Program provides students with access to clinicians that can assist with personal or academic-related challenges and concerns. Each eligible student is eligible for 9 counseling sessions per incident per year.

Tuition Exceptions:
Career and College Promise
Students enrolled in High School who are taking college courses pay no tuition,
except for continuing education classes. All other fees apply.

Continuing Education Courses



Self-supporting course fees vary. There are no fee exemptions for self-supporting classes. Continuing Education students pay no activity fee; however, usage fees do apply. For more information on Continuing Education courses, visit the Continuing Education web page.

GC Print Management

Print Management is a service instituted by Gaston College to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of printing. The implementation of this system will improve student printing experience in our curriculum labs and libraries. Students will have the capability of performing duplex, color, and wireless printing.
Curriculum students will be credited $10.00 each semester for printing. Remaining balances at the end of each semester will not roll over. The price for printing is as follows:

Black and White
Single sided – $0.10/per page
Duplex – $0.15/per page
Single sided – $0.25/per page
Duplex – $0.38/per page

For more detailed information please visit GC Print Management.

Right to Change Fees
All College fees are subject to change without notice.