The mission of the Industrial Technologies programs is to provide training to prepare students to enter the workforce in A/C, Heating & Refrigeration, Architectural, Automotive, Biomedical Equipment, Broadcasting & Production, Computer-Integrated Machining, Electrical Systems, General Occupational, Industrial Systems, and Welding Technologies. Graduates will have up-to-date technical knowledge and skills; these programs also provide a way to continually upgrade and retrain the existing workforce to meet the changing needs of our industries. Classes are offered in the certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs in day and evening classes.

Industrial Technology Programs

Faculty & Staff

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Industrial Technologies Division Contact Information:

Dean:  Virgil Cox, O.E.
(704) 922-6295

Associate Dean: Eric Rhom, Ed.S
(704) 922-6386

Administrative Assistant: Jeffrey Switzer
(704) 922-6381

A/C, Heating & Refrigeration Chair: Doug Mabry
(704) 922-6383

Automotive Systems Technology Chair: Mike Cloninger
(704) 922-6388

Biomedical Equipment Technology Chair: Virgil Cox, O.E.
(704) 922-6295

Broadcasting & Production Technology Coordinator: Kate Carmody
(704) 922-2388

Computer-Integrated Machining Coordinator: Joshua Walker
(704) 922-6395

Electrical Systems Technology Coordinator: Bill Leagon
(704) 922-6382

General Occupational Technology Coordinator: Donna English
(704) 922-6398

Industrial Systems Technology Coordinator: Donna English
(704) 922-6398

Welding Technology Coordinator: Tom Whitaker
(704) 922-6397