Computer-Integrated Machining

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The Gaston College department of Computer-Integrated Machining Technology welcomes prospective students who are interested in employment as a machining technician. The two-year Associate in Applied Science degree program draws people who enjoy the innovation process — taking production ideas all the way from creative concept to final product. Gaston College also offers a diploma option and three specialized certificates.

Technological Fluency
Coursework for the degree covers skills like manual machining, engineering design, blueprint interpretation, and precision measurement. Having mastered programs like computer-aided drafting (CAD) and computer-aided machining (CAM), graduates leave the program technologically fluent and workforce-ready.

Tapping Into Your Talents
One of the most satisfying parts of the machining technology degree is its incorporation of both creativity and analytics. Machine technicians become well-rounded in their abilities, as they learn the skills needed to take creative product designs to development and production.

Industry Flexibility
Graduates are qualified to enter several industries: high-tech manufacturing, fabrication, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, and specialty machine shops — as well as emerging industries, like aerospace, aviation, medical, and renewable energy. Students who are interested in the diploma will also qualify to sit for machining examinations.

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The links below provide additional information on these programs.

 Associate of Applied Science

Computer-Integrated Machining, A.A.S. (A50210)


Computer-Integrated Machining Diploma (D50210)


Computer-Integrated Machining – Manual Machining and Automation Certificate (C50210A)

Computer-Integrated Machining – CNC Machining Turning and Milling Certificate (C50210B)

Computer-Integrated Machining – CAM and CNC Programming Certificate (C50210C)

Contact Information

Joshua Walker, Coordinator
Location: PTI-113A