Automotive Systems Technology

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Car maintenance and repair today is more expensive than ever and requires specialized equipment and technical training. As the technology that powers our vehicles continues to become more complex, the demand for qualified automotive technicians and engineers with cutting-edge training will also continue to grow. The Automotive Systems Technology program at Gaston College will give you all the training and skills you need for a good foundation in a sustainable career in this industry.

What You Will Learn

The days of playing with engines in your home garage for fun on the weekends are fading fast, but Gaston College has the equipment and instruction you need to work on today’s vehicles. There is a lot more to serious engine modifications than just “rolling coal,” and our program will teach you how to optimize speed and performance.

Most automotive technicians today need a wide range of skills. Jobs where you work only on brakes or shocks are limited. That is why our program will equip you to repair, service, and maintain all types of automobiles. You will learn about brake and electrical systems, engine repair and performance, steering, suspension, transmissions, drive trains, heating and air conditioning systems, and more.

When you earn an associate degree, diploma, or certificate in the Automotive Systems Technology program at Gaston College, you will be prepared to take professional licensure exams and find a new career in the transportation service industry. Many graduates want to pursue hands-on work as an automotive technician, but you will also have opportunities for management, sales, and manufacturing with this degree.

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If you are ready for an exciting career in a growing field with excellent earning potential, keep reading about our Automotive Systems Technology program. Download your free program preview now and learn about salary averages in this industry, the skills you will learn, class schedule options, and more.



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Associate of Applied Science

Automotive Systems Technology (A60160)


Automotive Systems Technology Diploma (D60160)


Automotive Systems Technology – Automotive Engines and Power Trains Certificate (C60160A)
Automotive Systems Technology – Automotive Fuel and Electrical Systems Certificate (C60160B)


Contact Information

Eric Rhom, Program Chair
Location: PTI-105C

Tim Felton, Instructor
Location: PTI-105D