Do you like people and understand how important customer service is to a business? Are you good at multitasking and do you enjoy learning new things? There could be a stable new career with great advancement options just ahead for you! The Office Administration program at Gaston College is a valuable investment in your education and future. We have eight different associate degree, diploma, and certificate options to choose from, and any of them will help you with your new career path.

Office Administration

If you’ve been out of school for a long time, don’t have experience in this field, or aren’t sure if you can succeed in college and earn a degree like this — don’t worry! You are like many of our students. We have helped them get started on a path to success and we can help you, too. Read more about your options and don’t forget to download a program preview today. It has even more information about the value of the Office Administration program for you.

Core Benefits of the Office Administration Program

100% Online Options

Many of our students prefer to complete this program entirely online because it is so convenient to study around their other responsibilities.  The General and Office Finance tracks both have a 100% online option. On-campus classes are also available if you prefer face-to-face instruction.


One of the great things about this degree is that it prepares you to work anywhere. Every business needs office administration, and the skills you will learn at Gaston College will open the door to opportunities in many different industries.


Your office administration education could just be the beginning for you. With experience and training, you could advance to work in office payroll, become an administrative or executive assistant, and more. You could also use your associate degree as a stepping stone that gives you the option to pursue a four-year degree and open even more doors for other careers.

Fundamental Skills

All of our program options include fundamental skills like keyboarding. You will get professional development that will help you prepare for interviews and understand the expectations in a professional office setting.

Advanced Training

You can choose to focus on advanced skills, such as learning today’s software and technology for office settings and how to manage everything from communications to budgets. Students also have the free opportunity to sit for valuable certification exams that will demonstrate your skill mastery and give you a big advantage with employers.

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Office Administration - Program Preview

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Office Administration Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Options

You can start by earning a certificate with just four classes and then begin applying for office administration jobs, or you can continue your studies and training and earn a diploma or associate degree.

Gaston College knows our students need quality education options that are flexible and affordable. Read about the options and let us know if you have any questions. Our staff are experts at helping students like you find the right path for education that meets your priorities and goals.

Associate of Applied Science

The associate of applied science degrees are the most comprehensive options in our program. They will give you the most training and experience among your education options at Gaston. These are two-year programs designed for students who are working and/or have family obligations while they are studying. They can also be completed as a part-time student.


The diplomas we offer are useful for students who have completed their certificate and want to continue investing in their education. Some students already have a job in an office setting and earn a diploma to upgrade or retrain so they will have more promotion or employment opportunities. Diplomas require 16 classes and 42 total credit hours which can all be earned in as little as one year of full-time study.


An Office Administration certificate offers new students some of the basics in this area that will equip them to look for entry-level jobs or continue studying. This requires only four classes and 12 total credit hours and can be earned in a single semester!

Keep Exploring the Benefits of this Program

These are just highlights of the opportunities and benefits of the Office Administration program. Learn more about how these options can help your career goals with a free program preview. It has details about salary expectations, the skills you will learn, some classes you will take, the software certifications you can earn for free in this program, and more. Download your program preview now.

Contact Information

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