If you’re someone who likes working with numbers and understands the importance of the bottom line, you will appreciate the value of the Accounting and Finance program at Gaston College. In just two years, you can earn a respected degree and build a solid foundation for a stable career with great salary potential at a fraction of the cost you would pay at a larger, four-year school. In addition to our associate degree, we also have a one-year diploma option and four certificate options that can be completed in as little as 15 credit hours.

Accounting and Finance

When you compare the quality of our academic curriculum, the cost of tuition, and the return on your education investment, Gaston College becomes one of the smartest choices you can make for your career. Read more about the program benefits and options below. It has even more valuable information as you explore options for your education.

Core Benefits of the Accounting and Finance Program

Great Earning Potential

Accounting is a career path with exciting earning potential. Even entry-level positions offer competitive wages in our area, and with experience and continued training or education you will discover impressive opportunities, benefits, and salary compensation. Gaston’s program offers you a streamlined, high-quality education that will open many doors, whether you’re just beginning a career or currently working in this field and need more advanced training.

Reliable and Stable Career Prospects

Once they reach a certain size, every business and organization needs a qualified, competent accountant. Even in economic downturns or tight job markets, the accounting and finance fields provide relatively stable employment because you will be a critical employee the CEO and major stakeholders depend on for business decisions and opportunities. We’ll give you the skills to establish yourself as that key go-to employee and help you build long-term job security.

Flexibility for Your Priorities

Students in our program love both the flexibility of our course delivery as well as the range of options they have after graduation. Our classes are offered online or on-campus at times that work with a variety of schedules and your other responsibilities, whether you choose to attend as a full-time or part-time student. After you complete your degree, you’ll have the option to launch into the work field or transfer to a four-year school and continue your education after saving thousands in tuition by earning your associate degree at Gaston.

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Accounting & Finance - Program Preview

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Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Options in the Accounting and Finance Program

There are six options for students in the Accounting and Finance program. The shorter diploma and certificate options are all designed to build on one another so your work and progress can be applied toward a two-year associate degree.

Associate of Applied Science

This is the two-year degree option in our program offering students the maximum benefit for their investment. With this degree, you’ll be qualified for entry-level work in the accounting field and ready to seamlessly transfer to a four-year school to continue your education if you wish. Explore the courses you will take and degree requirements:

Accounting and Finance Diploma

This option requires one full year of study that may be applied directly toward earning your associate degree. Our diploma is ideal for students who want a more in-depth course of study than our certificate options (see below) but aren’t sure if they want to commit to the full two-year associate degree. Read about the course requirements for the diploma option:

Accounting and Finance Certificates

Gaston also offers four valuable certificate options for students. Each of these is ideal for professionals already in the accounting field who want focused additional expertise or who need to retrain for advancement opportunities. These certificates are also a great way for students to get a feel for accounting before deciding to commit to a longer degree or career path. All of the credits earned in our certificate programs will also count toward a diploma or associate degree if you choose to keep investing in your education. Explore the details of our certificate options:

Learn More About Our Program Benefits

We have covered only the highlights of what you will gain from an investment in one of our options in the Accounting and Finance program. If you have questions about this degree, reach out to us now so we can help you: 704.922.6404. You should also take a free copy of our Accounting and Finance Program Preview with you today. It has even more important information for you, including projected salary expectations, details about the skills you will gain, information about key courses in this program, next steps you can take, and more. Download your program preview now.

Contact Information

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