The Gaston College Campus Police and Security Department supports the College’s mission to provide a safe and secure campus and learning environment by assisting others with the highest commitment to professionalism, service, respect, and integrity.

Traffic, Parking, Accidents

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Traffic, Parking, Accidents

All public or College rules, regulations, and/or signs related to motor vehicle operation apply. Additionally, motorists are expected to follow any instructions of Campus Police or Security. Parking permits for eligible persons may be obtained by contacting Campus Police at its main office on the Dallas Campus. Eligible motorists are responsible for obtaining a parking permit and for parking in a legal and appropriate space. Traffic accidents should be reported immediately to the Campus Police Department.

Handicapped Parking

Handicapped parking is available for those with disabilities. To park in handicapped parking spaces, a person must have and properly display an official state-issued handicapped license plate or appropriate windshield placard. Handicapped parking placards and license plates are issued to individuals, not to vehicles. Using another person’s handicapped placard or licensed vehicle is illegal. Improper use of these handicapped parking spaces is punishable by a maximum fine of $250, plus court costs.


Campus Police and Security Officers, at their discretion, have several enforcement options that can be used singularly or in combination, including:

  • Referral to Student Affairs
  • Verbal warning
  • North Carolina written citation
  • Gaston College citation
  • Initiating criminal charges by arrest or issuing a NC Uniform Citation under NC State law, which are adjudicated by the General Court of Justice through the criminal courts system

Fines and Penalties

Fines and/or penalties may be issued for violation of traffic and parking rules. Repeat violations may result in the loss of driving privileges on campus. The current fine amount for traffic or parking citation is $5 per violation. Fines are to be paid at the College’s Business Office within five (5) calendar days of the date issued or immediately following any appeals, as applicable. A failure to pay fines may result in additional penalties.

Emergency Numbers and Locations

  • Emergency – 911
  • Campus Police (all campuses) – 704.922.6480

Dallas Campus (Main Office)

Comer Engineering Technology Building
CET 122

Lincoln Campus

Classroom Building
LC 113

Kimbrell Campus

Classroom Building
KCC 107