The Gaston College Campus Police and Security Department supports the College’s mission to provide a safe and secure campus and learning environment by assisting others with the highest commitment to professionalism, service, respect, and integrity.

No-Weapons Policy

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No-Weapons Policy

It is a violation to possess or carry any weapon on College property including firearms, explosives, BB guns, stun guns, air rifles or pistols, sling shots, and knives or other sharp instruments. The only exceptions to this policy are for law enforcement and military personnel in the discharge of their official duties or as otherwise permitted by law, for ceremonial or educational purposes, or when tools such as knives are used for construction, maintenance, or food preparation.

Pursuant to G.S. 14-269, a person who has a concealed handgun permit in accordance with Article 54B, has a concealed handgun permit considered valid under G.S. 14-415.24, or is exempt from obtaining a permit pursuant to G.S. 14-415.25, is permitted to have a handgun provided it is in a closed compartment or container within the person’s locked vehicle and the vehicle is parked in a College parking area. A person may unlock the vehicle to enter or exit, but the handgun must remain in the closed compartment at all times and the vehicle must be locked immediately following the entrance or exit.

Violators may be subject to criminal prosecution, and faculty, staff, or student violators may also be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension, expulsion and/or dismissal.

Emergency Numbers and Locations

  • Emergency – 911
  • Campus Police (all campuses) – 704.922.6480

Dallas Campus (Main Office)

Comer Engineering Technology Building
CET 122

Lincoln Campus

Classroom Building
LC 113

Kimbrell Campus

Classroom Building
KCC 107