The Gaston College Campus Police and Security Department supports the College’s mission to provide a safe and secure campus and learning environment by assisting others with the highest commitment to professionalism, service, respect, and integrity.

Crime Prevention Tips

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Crime Prevention Tips

The Campus Police and Security Department strongly recommends that each person review the following tips in an effort to prevent crimes:

  1. Report any suspicious person or activity to Campus Police at 704.922.6480.
  2. Take a few minutes and think about how you would react to various crime-related situations such as a robbery.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  4. Be self-aware as to those times when you may be less alert such as during exams, when you are ill or not feeling well, or when tired, and focus on being vigilant.
  5. Use discretion and caution when taking shortcuts through isolated areas, including on campus.
  6. Do not leave personal items such as books, purses, keys, and cell phones unattended.
  7. Whenever possible, try to travel with others (in a group).
  8. Park your vehicle in lighted areas.
  9. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.
  10. Always lock your vehicle and remember to take your keys with you.  
  11. As you approach your vehicle, have your keys in your hand and scan the area under and around your vehicle.
  12. Check the back seat and floor before you enter your vehicle.
  13. Lock your vehicle’s doors immediately after entering and while driving.
  14. If you have vehicle trouble, signal for help by raising the hood or tying a handkerchief to the door. Remain in your vehicle with doors locked until help arrives.
  15. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle that contains items such as a flashlight, distress signs, a blanket, and bottled water.
  16. If someone tries to grab your bag or purse, it is often recommended that you let go of it because injuries can often occur by resisting.
  17. When using ATM machines, try to use only those that are clearly seen or inside a building.  Push the cancel button to cancel your transaction if you believe the security of your personal information is being compromised.
  18. When using an elevator, try to remain next to the control panel. If you feel in danger, get off the elevator as soon as possible. (Note: Elevators are usually equipped with either an emergency phone or a push-button alarm).
  19. If using public transportation such as a bus, become familiar with the schedule to avoid long waits.
  20. If you believe someone might be following you, try to get to a public or populated area.

Emergency Numbers and Locations

  • Emergency – 911
  • Campus Police (all campuses) – 704.922.6480

Dallas Campus (Main Office)

Comer Engineering Technology Building
CET 122

Lincoln Campus

Classroom Building
LC 113

Kimbrell Campus

Classroom Building
KCC 107