Gaston College is committed to providing a safe and secure campus and learning environment. All members of the Campus Community are expected to exercise responsible judgment and conduct themselves in accordance with generally accepted standards.

Campus Police and Security Officers

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Campus Police LogoCampus Police are sworn officers. Officers are armed and identified by their slate blue or white shirts and distinctive Campus Police shoulder patch and badge. Security Officers are identified by their dark blue uniform shirts and distinctive Campus Security shoulder patch and badge.

Campus Police Officers have full police authority on college property, including College owned or leased property and any portion of a public road or highway passing through and/or adjoining College property.

Locations and Contact Information

Contact Numbers: 704.922.6480 or ext. 6480 from a College Network Phone
Calls after business hours may require several rings to transfer and connect.

Dallas Campus (Main Office)
Comer Engineering Technology Building
CET 122
Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Lincoln Campus
Lincoln Classroom Building
LC 119
Hours vary

Kimbrell Campus
Kimbrell Campus Classroom Building
KCC 102
Hours vary

Emergency Notification Systems

The GC Alert Emergency Notification System is available for students & employees. The system sends text messages and/or emails to notify of weather, emergency, or other important situations. Subscribers are purged in January of odd numbered years.

Subscribe to GC Alert

In addition to GC Alert, other notification systems may be used including an internal PA system, general email system, the College radio station, and postings and flyers.

Emergency Response Guide

The Emergency Response Guide provides guidelines for various emergency situations. This guide does not cover every conceivable situation, but focuses on 10 categories. Please take time to become familiar with this very informative guide.

Emergency Response Guide (ERG)

Annual Security Report

Gaston College publishes an Annual Security Report (ASR), which contains information related to safety and security including crime statistics for the prior three years, various safety and security measures, and crime prevention information.  To review the current ASR, you can contact Campus Police by telephone at 704.922.6480, in person at Room 122, Comer Engineering Technologies Building, Dallas, NC 28034, or by clicking the following link: Gaston College Annual Security Report (ASR).

Photo Identification (ID)

Photo IDs are available for employees and curriculum students. There is no charge for the initial ID. Replacements are $10.00.Curriculum students must provide a current class schedule to receive an ID. A monthly schedule is published that lists specific dates, times and locations. IDs may be obtained at the following locations:

  • Dallas Campus: Comer Engineering Technology Building (CET 207)
  • Kimbrell Campus: Kimbrell Campus Classroom Building (KCC 102)
  • Lincoln Campus: Lincoln Classroom Building (LC 119)

Lost and Found

Lost items should be turned into one of the Campus Police Department locations. To report a lost item, contact the Campus Police Department’s Main Office at 704.922.6480. If you need to reclaim a lost item, contact Campus Police and please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Your name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Date and location the item was lost or last seen
  • Description of the item
  • If lost item is a cell phone, be prepared to give the brand, carrier, and number.

After 120 days, unclaimed items will become the property of the College.

No Weapons on Campus Policy

It is a violation to possess or carry any weapon on College property including firearms, explosives, BB guns, stun guns, air rifles or pistols, sling shots, and knives or other sharp instruments. The only exceptions to this policy are for law enforcement and military personnel in the discharge of their official duties or as otherwise permitted by law, for ceremonial or educational purposes, or when tools such as knives are used for construction, maintenance, or food preparation.

Pursuant to G.S. 14-269, a person who has a concealed handgun permit in accordance with Article 54B, has a concealed handgun permit considered valid under G.S. 14-415.24, or is exempt from obtaining a permit pursuant to G.S. 14-415.25, is permitted to have a handgun provided it is in a closed compartment or container within the person’s locked vehicle and the vehicle is parked in a College parking area. A person may unlock the vehicle to enter or exit, but the handgun must remain in the closed compartment at all times and the vehicle must be locked immediately following the entrance or exit.

Violators may be subject to criminal prosecution, and faculty, staff, or student violators may also be subject to disciplinary action up to and including suspension, expulsion and/or dismissal.

Traffic, Parking, Accidents

All public or College rules, regulations, and/or signs related to motor vehicle operation apply. Additionally, motorists are expected to follow any instructions of Campus Police or Security. Parking permits for eligible persons may be obtained by contacting Campus Police at its main office on the Dallas Campus. Eligible motorists are responsible for obtaining a parking permit and for parking in a legal and appropriate space. Traffic accidents should be reported immediately to the Campus Police Department.

Handicapped Parking

Handicap parking is available for those with disabilities. To park in handicap parking spaces, a person must have and properly display an officially issued handicap license plate or appropriate windshield placard. Handicapped parking placards and license plates are issued to individuals, not to vehicles. Using another person’s handicap placard or licensed vehicle is illegal. Improper use of these handicap parking spaces is punishable by a maximum fine of $250.00, plus court costs.


Campus Police and Security Officers, at their discretion, have several enforcement options that can be used singularly or in combination, including:

  • Referral to Student Services
  • Verbal warning
  • Written citation
  • Gaston College citation
  • Initiating criminal charges by arrest or issuing a NC Uniform Citation under NC State law, which are adjudicated by the General Court of Justice through the criminal courts system

Fines and Penalties

Fines and/or penalties may be issued for violation of traffic and parking rules. Repeat violations may result in the loss of driving privileges on campus. The current fine amount for traffic or parking citation is $5.00 per violation. Fines are to be paid at the College’s Business Office within five (5) calendar days of the date issued or immediately following any appeals, as applicable. A failure to pay fines may result in additional penalties.

Registered Sex Offenders

Per the Campus Sex Crime Prevention Act of 2002, information on sex offenders can be found at