Below you will find information pertaining to the registration process for new and returning students. We also have included information about adding, auditing, dropping, and withdrawing from courses. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 704.922.6232 or email

Registration Processes

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Student Planning

New Students

New students who wish to take curriculum classes must complete the admissions process prior to registering. For more information about the admissions process, please visit the Admissions Office or call 704.922.6232. Once you have met admission requirements, you will meet with an academic advisor or counselor to select courses.

Visiting Students

Visiting students are students currently enrolled and actively pursuing a degree at another college or university that want to take classes at Gaston College to transfer credit back to their home institution. If you’re looking for an affordable option for your fundamental courses, or are home for the summer and looking to catch up or get ahead by earning credits that count towards your degree, go to our visiting students page for more information on how to apply and register at Gaston College.

Returning Students

Returning students are not required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registration, but it is recommended. Registration may be completed through Student Planning or in person. If you are unsure of the classes that are required for your major, you may log into Self-Service and click Student Planning and Click Go to My Progress, which will list courses that you need to meet program requirements. Another option is meeting with your assigned academic advisor for assistance with selecting courses. Academic advisor information may be found by logging into your Self-Service account or contacting the Records and Registration Office at 704.922.6232.

As a returning student, you will have a specific registration access date assigned. The access dates are based on the number of credit hours you have completed. Contact the Records and Registration Office at 704.922.6232 for your access date.

Adding Classes

Classes may be added to your schedule after your initial registration. The add deadlines are published on the student academic calendar.

Auditing Classes

After registering and paying for a class, you have the option to audit the course. No credit is given for an audited course; however, we encourage you to attend, participate, take examinations. The Audit Form must be signed by your instructor and turned into the Records and Registration Office by the add deadline published on the academic calendar. The audit status cannot be reversed.

Dropping Classes


A 100% refund of tuition may be given if you officially drop a class prior to the first official day of the term or the day before a late term class begins. A 75% refund of tuition may be given if you officially drop a class prior to or on the 10% point of the term or the short term (late start) class. The drop deadlines are published on the student academic calendar. No refunds will be given after the 10% date. If a course is cancelled, refunds are automatically processed.

Regardless of when you officially drop/withdraw, you are still responsible for any fees and/or balance remaining on your account.

 Economic and Workforce Development

If a student officially drops from a state-supported class or classes before the 10 percent date of the class(es), a 75 percent tuition refund will be given for the class(es) dropped. A 100% refund will be made if the student drops from the class prior to the class start date. No refunds will be given after the 10 percent date. If a course fails to materialize, refunds are automatically processed. (The refund policy is subject to change. Refunds of tuition will be issued in accordance with the current state and college policy. Refund checks will be mailed within six weeks of class cancellation or notification of drop from the class.)

 Textbook Inclusion Fees

If students drop a course with textbook inclusion fees, full refunds will be given ten calendar days from the start of the class. Students must request a refund of these fees with the Records and Registration Office by calling 704.922.6232. This refund policy excludes Cengage Unlimited as this is a subscription fee not associated with one particular course or textbook.

Students called to active military duty may be allowed special provisions for refunds. Contact the Records and Registration Office at 704.922.6232 or for Active Duty Provisions.

Withdrawing from Classes

The withdrawal paperwork must be completed in the Records and Registration Office on or prior to the date published on the class syllabus. No refunds are given for withdrawals. It is your responsibility to withdraw from a class. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade. Withdrawals cannot be submitted via Self-Service. Please email if you want to withdraw. If you are a dually enrolled high school student, contact your high school counselor to initiate the process for College Now. If you are in the Early College, contact the Early College Liaison to initiate the process.