Thank you for your interest in the Engineering and Industrial Technologies division. In today’s world, almost all of us need to have a career. Careers in engineering and industrial technologies (E&IT) are rewarding and exciting. Transfer to a bachelor level engineering or engineering technology program at a four year school or university can be done in two ways. AAS engineering technology programs with the right selection of electives and some additional credits are transferable to four year Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technologies programs. An Associates in Engineering (AE) degree has been approved by the NCCCS and the Board of the University System that allows students to transfer into Bachelor of Science engineering degree programs at the university level. Most universities will grant 64 SHC for completion of the AE program.

Useful Links

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The following links may be helpful in making your decision about what program to enter.
American Society for Engineering Education

Program Information

Application to a University

Admission application deadlines vary; students must meet the deadline for the senior institution to which they plan to transfer. Upon successful completion of the associate degree, students who meet the requirements outlined in this pre-major articulation agreement will be eligible to be considered for admission as juniors to the signatory institutions offering the baccalaureate degree as listed here or in the NC Independent Colleges and Universities Handbook which is available online. Students are encouraged to contact the senior institution to confirm degree offerings.

Application to the Major

Grade point average requirements vary, and admission is competitive across the several programs in Engineering. In choosing courses to meet both general education core requirements and other required hours, students should seek advice based on the program and track into which they desire to transfer.