Thank you for your interest in the Engineering and Industrial Technologies division of Gaston College. We are located in the Comer Engineering Technology [CET], Pharr Trade & Industrial [PTI], and the Center for Advanced Manufacturing [CAM] buildings of the Dallas campus.

In today’s world, almost all of us need to have a career. Careers in engineering and industrial technologies (E&IT) are rewarding and exciting. These careers allow graduates to work alone in their own businesses or for corporations and government agencies. Average incomes in these fields are higher than for equivalent academic completion in many other occupational areas. These programs allow you to go to work immediately after graduation or, in many cases, to go on for further education. Many of Gaston College’s E&IT programs are nationally accredited and are recognized for excellence throughout the entire country. Most of these programs allow for both day and/or evening attendance. Parts of some of the programs are available on-line. They all have high tech labs that allow you to learn by doing, not by watching a video or reading about how it’s done! Graduates learn how to maintain currency and adaptability in their fields so that they can remain employable for life.

Transfer to a bachelor level engineering or engineering technology program at a four year school or university can be done in two ways. AAS engineering technology programs with the right selection of electives and some additional credits are transferable to four year Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technologies programs. An Associates in Engineering  (AE) degree has been approved by the NCCCS and the Board of the University System that allows students to transfer into Bachelor of Science engineering degree programs at the university level. Most universities will grant 64 SHC for completion of the AE program.



GC Division of Engineering & Industrial Technologies

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The Engineering Technologies programs of Gaston College provide quality training and learning experiences to students who wish to major in Civil, Computer, Electronics, Manufacturing, Mechanical, or Mechatronics Engineering Technology. Students in the Engineering Technologies programs may decide to pursue their B.S.E.T. degrees at UNCC or other senior institutions after graduation. Courses are offered both during the day and evening for all the programs except Civil Engineering Technology, which is offered during the day only.


The mission of the Industrial Technologies programs is to provide training to prepare students to enter the workforce in A/C, Heating, & Refrigeration, Architectural, Automotive, Biomedical Equipment, Broadcasting & Production, Computer-Integrated Machining, Electrical Systems, General Occupational, Industrial Systems, and Welding Technologies. Graduates will have up-to-date technical knowledge and skills; these programs also provide a way to continually upgrade and expand existing skills to meet students’ career goals. Classes are offered in the certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs in day and evening classes.

Engineering and Industrial Technologies Division Contact Information:

Dean: Virgil Cox, O.E. (704) 922-6295 or

Associate Dean: Dr. George Hendricks, PE (704) 922-6305 or

Associate Dean: Eric Rhom (704) 922-6386 or

Administrative Assistant, Engineering Technologies: Janie Cooper (704) 922-6296 or

Administrative Assistant, Industrial Technologies: Jeffrey Switzer (704) 922-6381 or