A musical performance by A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas

Photo of A Sign of the Times of Carolina nonprofit organizationThe Gaston College Multicultural Affairs Committee is pleased to present a recorded performance by the core musical ensemble of A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the legacy of the African Diaspora through music, dance and the spoken word. The ASOTT ensemble performs original compositions, Classic R&B, Straight-Ahead Jazz and Old School Salsa music.

Watch the performance at https://youtu.be/rsPZVWvuhis.

The ensemble features Tyrone Jefferson, who is the Executive Director of A Sign of the Times of the Carolinas and the Music Director of the ASOTT bands. Also featured is Toni Tupponce, Program Director for the non-profit and lead vocalist for the ASOTT bands. Jefferson and Tupponce are hosts of the weekly “Saturday Night R&B House Party” program on WSGE 91.7FM, the Gaston College award-winning non-commercial radio station.

The one-hour performance will include songs like Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in Need of Love,” the Stylistics’ “People Make the World Go ‘Round,” and Tyrone Jefferson’s “Listen,” among others. Information or storylines about the selected songs may be interjected into the performance.

“The Multicultural Affairs Committee is pleased to present A Sign of the Times,” said Judith Porter, President of MAC and Music Instructor. “While their primary focus is to present the experiences of Black Americans and the African diaspora through music, spoken word and dance, their presentations touch on themes that are universal and speak to the human condition.”

“From our perspective,” said Tupponce, “we hope to reach people who are interested in or curious about Black History as related to the strength and importance of Black female icons throughout American history. Our storyline may also make a connection to the BLM movement.”

Although the performance will not be presented live, Tupponce does anticipate that ASOTT will communicate with the audience. “The result of any performance is a two-way street,” she said. “It is our responsibility to put our best musicianship and heart into the performance. As the vocalist/storyteller, I share my interpretation of the lyrics based on where I am (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) in the moment. How the audience receives what we offer, and share is their responsibility and will depend on where they are at that moment and the openness of their heart and mind. That’s the real beauty and challenge of the audience-performer relationship.”

The presentation will also be aired daily on Spectrum Cable TV, channel 21, from February15 -21 at 7 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. and February 22 -28 at 9:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For additional information about the presentation, contact Judith Porter at porter.judith@gaston.edu.

About the Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC)

The mission of the Gaston College Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) is to develop and deliver an array of activities to expose the Gaston College community to diverse cultures. MAC presents a variety of programming on the Gaston College campus throughout the school year. Programs include town hall meetings, movie events, seminars, and musical performances.


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