A writing center is a place where students can come to discuss any writing-related issue during a session with an experienced writing coach. Students from any class can use the Writing Center during any stage of the writing process to get feedback on all writing-related topics.

Before receiving Writing Center services, students must complete an electronic orientation once a semester prior to their first tutoring session.

Our Services

Our Services

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One-on-One Tutoring: Students may request regular writing tutoring on a weekly basis, may be referred by their instructor, or may visit the Writing Center on a per-assignment basis. In this setting, the student will work directly with a tutor on writing assignments and building basic writing skills. Students working with a one-on-one tutor may receive tutoring services up to four times per assignment. Students are also welcome to request a small group tutoring appointment if they are working on a project. This type of session will consist of no more than 4 students and will need to be specified during the request. While appointments are preferred, students may also be seen as walk-ins. However, students should be aware that they are not guaranteed to be seen when they do not have an appointment, that they may have to wait until a coach is available, and that walk-ins are seen on a first come, first served basis.

Oral Communication Tutoring: The ability to speak effectively is a learned skill that comes through repeated practice, speaking opportunities, and a mastery of proven presentation techniques. The Writing Center helps students develop effective speaking skills across academic disciplines and in other professional and social contexts.

A tutor can help with oral presentations at any stage of development, including public speaking, group presentations, interviewing skills, and oral exams. We provide guidance on topic selection, organization, audience analysis, research, oral citation of sources, and speech or interview rehearsal.

The Writing Center offers students personalized consultation and instruction on oral class assignments at any stage of development. A tutor can help with oral presentations, such as public speaking, group presentations, debates, and panel discussions. We also offer one-on-one tutoring in interviewing skills, oral exams and readings. We provide guidance on topic selection, organization, audience analysis, research, oral citation of sources, visual element design, speech apprehension, speech and interview rehearsal with video feedback.

Oral Communications Lab at the Writing Center (OCL)

Faculty Course Support at the Writing Center: Faculty in any discipline may request customized written and/or oral communication support for their courses. We work directly with faculty to plan and deliver support that is tailored to the specific needs of the course and assignment. Support may include providing training in class or in workshops outside of class, developing evaluation/assessment tools (rubrics), and providing feedback to students.