Placement testing for admission to Gaston College is only required for students who graduated more than 10 years ago and for students applying to selective admissions programs (BLET, EMS, and Apprenticeship). The Testing Center administers the RISE Placement test for new students who graduated high school more than 10 years ago and the Accuplacer for students seeking admissions to BLET, EMT, Substitute Teaching, and Apprenticeship programs.

Effective April 6, 2015, CollegeBoard Accuplacer has added a component to testing called WritePlacer. The essay gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can develop and express your ideas in writing. You will first read a short passage and an assignment question that are focused on an important issue. You will then write an essay in which you develop your own point of view on the issue. You should support your position with appropriate reasoning and examples. The position you take will not influence your score. Sample essays are available on the following link.

CollegeBoard Accuplacer – WritePlacer

College Placement

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Scheduling a Testing Appointment:

After reviewing the Placement Testing Waiver link and speaking with an Admissions Advisor if you need to schedule the RISE Placement Test at the Dallas (Main), Lincoln, or Kimbrell Campus please click on the Schedule Now! button below.


Students must schedule all testing by calling the Testing Center 704-922-2433.


NOTE: Due to Covid 19, you are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the testing center. Please do not bring anything with you to the testing center except your ID. Please practice social distancing of 6 ft. while on campus. No pocketbooks, backpacks, coats, jackets, or any other item will be allowed in the testing center.