If you are interested in working part-time on campus while you are a Gaston College student, we may be able to help you find a job.

Work Study

Federal Work Study Program

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We participate in the Federal Work Study program which provides on-campus work opportunities for students needing financial assistance to attend school. Work is available in the library, faculty offices, administrative offices, laboratories, shops, and building and ground maintenance. Students working under this program are paid monthly for the work performed. In arranging a job and determining how many hours a week a student may work under this program, the Financial Aid Office will take into account the student’s –

  1. Need for financial assistance
  2. Class schedule (enrolled in at least 6 credit hours)
  3. Health
  4. Academic progress.

We also have campus jobs that are funded by the college. If you are interested in Work-Study, you should submit an application available online [Work-Study Application] or in the Financial Aid Office.