Makeup Testing & Accommodations

Instructors – Please notify the Learning Center of any upcoming dates that any student(s) may be coming for a makeup test or an accommodation. Bring test to the Learning Center and any instructions for the student/test.

Students – To book an appointment for a makeup test or an accommodation, please call the Learning Center (704-922-6349) or email at The following information is required for booking a testing appointment (24 hour notice, student name, course name, instructor’s last name, date, and time of desired testing time).


  1. Valid photo ID
  2. No Cellphones, Computers, or Smartwatches
  3. No Bookbags allowed in the testing room (purses must be placed under chair)
  4. TI 83-84 calculators only, unless otherwise permitted by instructor
  5. No sitting beside someone known
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