Who is allowed to use the Learning Center?
Students who are currently enrolled in Gaston College seeking help for a Gaston College course

Where are the Learning Centers located on each campus?
– Dallas Campus- 2nd Floor Morris Library Room 212
– Lincoln Campus- Lincoln Classroom Building Room 206
– Kimbrell Campus – Kimbrell Campus Classroom Building Room 203 (Appt only / special request)

What are the Learning Center hours?

Dallas Campus
– Monday 9am – 4pm | 4pm – 11pm *
– Tuesday 9am – 4pm | 4pm – 11pm *
– Wednesday 9am – 4pm | 4pm – 11pm *
– Thursday 9am – 4pm | 4pm – 11pm *
– Friday Closed | *virtual hours only
– Saturday Closed | *virtual hours only
– Sunday Closed | *virtual hours only


Lincoln Campus
Monday through Thursday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Closed

Kimbrell Campus
The Learning Center provides limited services on the Kimbrell Campus; for information, contact the Learning Center on the Dallas Campus

How much does tutoring cost?
The Learning Center offers free tutoring for all currently enrolled Gaston College students. Students must be currently enrolled in a Gaston College course in order to receive tutoring.

Is the Learning Center open during student breaks?
The Gaston College Learning Centers are closed during all student breaks.

Do I need to make an appointment for a proctored test?
An appointment is required for students wanting to test with the Learning Center. Please contact the Learning Center at 704-922-6349 or email learningcenter@gaston.edu. Instructor must also email details prior to setting up appointment.

What are the policies for instructors and students for makeups and accommodation testing?

Instructors – Please notify the Learning Center of any upcoming dates that any student(s) may be coming for a makeup test or an accommodation. Bring test to the Learning Center and any instructions for the student/test.

Students – To book an appointment for a makeup test or an accommodation, please call the Learning Center (704-922-6349) or email at learningcenter@gaston.edu. The following information is required for booking a testing appointment (24 hour notice, student name, course name, instructor’s last name, date, and time of desired testing time).


  1. Valid photo ID
  2. No Cellphones, Computers, or Smartwatches
  3. No Bookbags allowed in the testing room (purses must be placed under chair)
  4. TI 83-84 calculators only, unless otherwise permitted by instructor
  5. No sitting beside someone known

What do I do if I need to miss a tutoring session?
Students are expected to notify the Learning Center if tutoring appointments are missed. Two missed appointments may result in the student being dropped from the program for the remainder of the semester

Can I walk in?
Yes, you may walk in to receive tutoring. However, after the first walk in tutoring session you will be required to fill out the necessary paperwork and schedule a time with a tutor. If you do not have a scheduled time with a tutor, you may be required to wait until a tutor is available.

Can I schedule a tutoring appointment during my class time?
No, a student is not allowed to miss class in order to receive tutoring

Is there help in navigating Blackboard or other supplemental technologies?
Yes, a student can book help by signing up for Basic Computers Skills tutoring, or by visiting any of our service desks: reference desk, circulation desk, Writing Center, or Learning Center.

How do I contact the Learning Center?

Dallas Campus and Kimbrell Campus
Phone: 704.922.6349
Email: learningcenter@gaston.edu

Lincoln Campus
Phone: 704.748.5236
Email: learningcenter@gaston.edu

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