History, Vision, Mission


The Gaston College Learning Center (GCLC), established in 1996, is designed to provide students with opportunities for academic and personal growth. The center is committed to the philosophy that given adequate services, support, time, and appropriate teaching strategies, all students can successfully accomplish their academic goals, whether that goal includes transfer to a four-year institution or the successful completion of a single course. Services are available to a diverse constituency. While the program places primary emphasis on serving the needs of students “at risk” in the college environment, the Center actively provides support to all students in achieving their potential.


Gaston College Learning Center will be the individual student’s primary academic support resource, providing direction and expanding learning. The Center will address the student’s understanding of immediate material, and his or her own learning process, resulting in the learner’s self-actualization.


Gaston College Learning Center serves academic and other empathetic needs of the students, faculty, and staff within a fully inclusive, student-centered environment. The Learning Center will collaborate with its stakeholders to represent Gaston College and serve as a model for innovation, advocacy and progress, providing trained staff and cultivating customer devotion. As a positive support framework, the Center is vitally committed to fostering success and expanding learning.

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