CCP Student Testimonials

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CCP Video Testimonials

Below is the Career and College Promise student video testimonials.


Meet the CCP Students


Emily Hamm: Home School


Emily Hamm“The Career and College Promise Program offered at Gaston College has opened up so many opportunities for me.  By choosing a nontraditional classroom setting, I have been able to volunteer at various locations through the community.  This experience has built my confidence and life experiences for my intended major this upcoming fall at Appalachian State University.  This program has provided a blueprint of what may be expected of me when I transfer.  Priceless!”



Julien Lewis: Lincoln Charter School


CCP Student - Julien Lewis“Through the Gaston College Career and College Promise Program, I have received 4 different college credits that I can use toward graduation.  This program has improved my work ethic and taught me how to write on a college level.  Also gave me the opportunity to explore possible majors and careers by taking different classes.”


 Morgan Palmer (see Karen bunch): Piedmont Community Charter School


CCP Student - Morgan Palmer“CCP helped me get a head start on college and saved me a year’s worth of tuition at a university.”







Jeremiah Paul: Ashbrook High School


CCP student - Jeremiah Paul“Career and College Promise was an incredible academic experience that allowed me to have a taste of true collegiate classes while earning high school credits.”





Janelle Porman: Stuart W. Cramer High School


CCP student - Janelle Porman“I have taken multiple online courses through Gaston College’s program, and I feel as if I learned the information in the traditional classroom setting because the teachers reinforced the information so well.  The Career and College Promise Program allowed me to accumulate an extraordinary amount of college credits which gives me money later.  The program also provided me with a variety of classes that weren’t offered at my school.”




Mansi Sodha: Piedmont Community Charter School


CCP Student - Mansi Sodha“The Career and College Promise Program has taught me what it is like to be a college student while still in high school.  I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be a CCP student throughout my high school career because it has given me exposure in my future field of study by allowing me to obtain a Small Business Management certificate.  I would strongly recommend this program because I feel it has adequately prepared me for the next big step in my life.



*Bailey Birtchet: Highland School of Technology

“The Criminal Justice and Corrections courses with Mr. Lawrence taught me a lot about the justice system, but not only that, it made me question a lot of my beliefs about society, methods of punishment, and criminal behavior.  Mr. Lawrence also gave us the opportunity to go to the Gaston County Courthouse, Gaston County Jail, meet the K9 unit, and research a topic related to the justice and correctional system.  Mr. Lawrence not only taught us about the criminal justice and correctional systems, but he also taught us life lessons and gave us sound advice about our future careers.”


*Dharma Falls: Stuart W. Cramer High School

“The Career and College Promise Program has given me an inside look at what college is going to be like. Because of CCP, I will be ahead in college and better prepared for my classes.”



*Kelsey Fay: North Lincoln High School

“Gaston College has given me the opportunity to better myself for the present and future.  I am now able to accomplish so much more and further my education faster.”




*Danielle Randolph: Lincolnton High School

“My experience with the Career and College Promise Program was very educational.  I am so glad I got the opportunity to take the business courses.  It will definitely be helpful when I further my education in college. Thank you Gaston College for my opportunity.”



*Kameron Reynolds: Lincoln Charter School

“The Gaston College CCP Program has helped me as a student in a variety of ways.  The courses I have taken have given me a head start for college and allowed me to spend less time and money earning a four-year degree.  The CCP program has also given me the opportunity to understand and adapt to the college style work load.  Not only have the CCP courses given me an advantage with college experience, but the program has also given me the chance to get ahead in my academics.”


*Savannah Simmons: Lincoln Charter School

“Gaston College has provided a jumpstart for me in my college career as a senior in high school.  My dream of becoming a nurse practitioner has become more of a reality being able to take a CNA class that gives me hands on experience.  Also being able to take basic courses has helped me prepare for the next level of my education.”



*Ryan Thurston: Highland School of Technology

“I greatly enjoyed the Career and College Promise Program at Gaston College.  Not only did it give me college credits, but it also provided an insight to both psychology and sociology.”



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