Welcome to Gaston College Sponsorship Office. Students who have a “ sponsor” paying for their tuition, fees, and/or books or supplies, need to follow the instructions for sponsorship students. Theses sponsors are usually, but not limited to, Employment Security office, D.S.S. office, WIA office, students employer. Please feel free to contact our office if you need further instructions.

Sponsorship Office

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Sponsored Student Policies:

Gaston College will accept sponsorship agreements in lieu of payment, but the student will be responsible for all amounts owed if sponsoring agency does not remit payment in full.

Sponsor letter of authorization must be on company letterhead and include the student’s name, Social Security and/or Student ID number, sponsors billing address, contact person, phone number, what charges are covered and any limits on amounts allowed.

** You must submit a new letter of authorization each semester. **

Employer sponsor may fax this information to the Sponsorship Office. Please also fax a recent pay stub for the employee to (704)922-4193 if you use this option. Sponsors are invoiced approximately 4 weeks after the stated last day to add/drop classes. NC Employers and state agencies are invoiced at the in-state rate. In order to receive in-state rate, the sponsor must be the student’s employer. Employment must be verifiable with a pay stub showing North Carolina State taxes paid. If not a current U.S. citizen, you must provide your EAD card and I797 form to be eligible for in-state rates with your sponsor paying all charges via business check. If no sponsor or no EAD card and I797 form, you must pay out of state rates.

Volunteers and contract workers are not considered employees for invoicing situations. Sponsor invoices must be paid with company checks. Personal checks are not acceptable. Books, if authorized, can be charged to your sponsor or sponsorship. Dates for book permits are posted and available at the Sponsorship Office for each semester.

Our office is on the main campus of Gaston College. We are located on the first floor of the Myers Center, opposite the bookstore.

Sponsored Student Procedures:

  1. Ask the Sponsor to fax the authorization letter to (704) 922-4193. We cannot process your sponsorship without a letter from your Sponsor. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the Sponsorship Office receives the letter by the payment deadline. Any student whose sponsorship is not secured by the payment due date will have their registered courses automatically dropped from the system. You will then need to re-register for classes.
  2. It is your responsibility to pay any amounts not covered by the sponsor when you register.

If you must pay a portion of your tuition and fees (perhaps your sponsor only authorized a certain amount or you may be taking a class that is not being paid by your sponsor), you must pay the remaining balance at the Business Office by the payment due date for each semester.