Gaston College and JCSU sign 2+2 agreement

JCSU and GC Presidents at Signing

Gaston College and Johnson C. Smith University officially joined forces on Thursday, August 5 to help their students achieve their goal of a Bachelor’s degree. In a signing ceremony held at the Johnson C. Smith University campus in Charlotte, both college presidents, Clarence Armbrister of JCSU and Dr. John Hauser of Gaston College, signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding outlining a new relationship that will enable qualified Gaston College graduates to have direct-entry admission to Johnson C. Smith University to pursue their degree. Also signing were Dr. Karen Morgan, Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at JCSU, and Dr. Heather Woodson, Vice President of Academic Affairs at Gaston College. The Direct Admission Program begins immediately at the execution of the agreement between the two institutions.

The JCSU 2+2 Connect program allows currently enrolled Gaston College students a direct-entry pathway to JCSU upon graduation from Gaston College. This is the first such agreement between Gaston College and a historically Black college or university. To qualify for the program, students must complete the program inquiry form which can be found on the websites of both Gaston College and JCSU, be in good standing at Gaston and other institutions attended, demonstrate good citizenship and conduct, and earn and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in their college coursework at Gaston College. Students must complete their associate degree in the academic year immediately prior to their desired entry term (fall or spring) as JCSU.

Each student who remains eligible during their time at Gaston College and successfully applies to JCSU will receive at least $8,000 in aid to attend the University. Enrolling in a full-time course load is required.

“Johnson C. Smith University has been a leader in providing educational access for diverse traditional and non-traditional students in the Charlotte region for more than 150 years,” said President Armbrister. “We look forward to enrolling the highly talented and motivated students who earn their Associate degree from Gaston College and providing them with an affordable, clear path to earn their Bachelor’s degree and pursue rewarding careers. This partnership is a tangible way JCSU and Gaston College can work together to increase economic upward mobility in Gaston and Mecklenburg counties.”

The program affords Gaston College students access to information about JCSU academic programs, and to faculty, staff, and transfer counselors who will facilitate their transition to JCSU. In addition, the program prioritizes the student’s ability to receive admission, financial aid, registration, and orientation communications early in the transition process, as well as setting up Gaston’s students for maximum success at both institutions.

“Being a part of JCSU 2+2 Connect is a wonderful opportunity for us,” said Dr. Hauser. “This new agreement will provide a smooth transition for Gaston College students from all backgrounds to successfully transfer and pursue a Bachelor’s degree at Johnson C. Smith University. Our focus is to ensure qualified students are well prepared academically so they can excel at JCSU, and after graduating they can successfully enter the workforce.”

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