Jasmine Cox will serve on the advisory board of textiles division of Industrial Fabrics Association International

Jasmine Cox, Process Coordinator for Testing at the Gaston College Textile Technology Center, has been selected to serve a three-year term as a Director on the Advisory Board for the Advanced Textiles Products division of Industrial Fabrics Association International. IFAI is a not-for-profit trade association comprising member companies representing the international specialty fabrics marketplace.

In addressing Cox’s selection, Janelle Buerkley, ATP Division Supervisor, said, “The nominations committee thoughtfully reviewed the qualifications of all applicants. Every attempt was made to select individuals who could provide a spectrum of representation on the advisory board, including size of company and experience with association or industry issues. The Board was looking for someone to represent the academia part of the textile industry, and Jasmine’s enthusiasm for the industry and student engagement made her an excellent and extremely qualified candidate.” Board members, who may serve up to two three-year terms, are responsible for participating in quarterly board meetings to create and implement programming and events to benefit members of the Advanced Textiles Products division.

Cox earned her bachelor’s degree in textile technology from NC State in 2013. She was pursuing her master’s degree in engineering management at UNC-Charlotte when, while driving on I-85, she spotted a sign for the Textile Technology Center. She contacted the Center and was invited by Sam Buff, Director of the TTC, to tour the facility. That tour resulted in the offer of an internship. In 2015, Cox joined the Textile Technology Center as an intern working part-time as a testing technician in the Physical Testing laboratory. “Jasmine told me that she was interested in getting textile experience and would work for free,” said Buff. “I was sold immediately and knew that her drive would be welcomed in our labs—and it was.”

In the five years she has been at the Center, Cox’s roles and responsibilities have changed considerably. “I initially started in a support role, gaining hands-on textile testing experience in the lab,” she said. “The TTC is fortunate to have numerous staff members with extensive textile knowledge. I worked with the veteran staff to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. After a year of interning, I transitioned into the full-time role of Special Projects Coordinator, where I served as a project manager for the Center’s major R&D projects. In that position, I gained an understanding of how to apply my studies in real world situations while strengthening my relationships with industry clients. Now, as Process Coordinator I continue to serve as project manager for extensive research projects and manager of the Center’s testing laboratories.”

Jasmine Cox will serve a three-year term as a Director on the advisory board for the Advanced Textiles Products division of Industrial Fabrics Association International. 

Cox was surprised and honored to learn of her appointment to the advisory board. The IFAI is the largest, most comprehensive textile trade association and its ATP division supports the safety/protective, interactive, medical, performance wear/sports, and technical textiles industries. The Textile Technology Center is actively engaged in research and development in those areas.

“As a member of the IFAI Advanced Textiles Products Advisory Board, I hope to continue to make people aware of the various innovations and opportunities that exist within the different divisions of the textile industry,” said Cox. “As an advisory board member, I hope to help grow the IFAI membership and programs and to expand the organization’s visibility.”

The Textile Technology Center is a long-standing member of the IFAI, and Buff is pleased that his one-time intern will be serving on its ATP Advisory Board. “Jasmine has worked tirelessly to develop our business partnerships and manage the testing labs,” he said. “We are all very proud of her appointment to the Board. She is well deserving and will do an outstanding job.”

Working at the TTC solidified Cox’s interest and passion to continue her career in the textile industry. She will receive her Master of Textiles from Wilson College of Textiles at NC State in December 2020, and obtaining her Ph.D. in Textile Management is on her short-term goal list. “I am excited to continue to grow professionally in the textile industry,” she said. “I try my best to follow my passion and purpose, which usually drives me to my next opportunity or goal. Ultimately, I seek to contribute to the rebuilding of the textile talent pipeline by developing programs and serving to help recruit the next generation of textile professionals.”

About the Gaston College Textile Technology Center

For almost 75 years, the Textile Technology Center (TTC) has played a significant role in helping the North Carolina textile industry remain competitive, manufacture quality products, and maintain a well-trained workforce. The Belmont, North Carolina, facility opened as the Vocational Textiles School in 1943, with the mission of training operators and technicians to assist with the growth of the textile industry, spurred by World War II. After a number of name changes and parent organizations, the facility was transferred to Gaston College in 2005. Today, the purpose of the TTC is to assist textile manufacturers and develop a world-class workforce for the North Carolina textile industry. For more information about the Textile Technology Center, call 704-825-3737 or go to www.gaston.edu/textile-technology-center.

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