Before you can take online curriculum course at Gaston College, you must follow the admissions and testing process and register for courses.

Once you have completed the admissions, testing, and registration process; you should activate your Gaston College email account. This is the email account that the College and your instructor will use to communicate with you throughout your Blackboard course.

Getting Started

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You may be able to log into Blackboard before the first day of class, but your online and hybrid courses will not be visible until the very first day of each semester. Supplemental or web-assisted courses might not be visible until after the first class meeting. Do not be alarmed if you do not see some of your courses available in Blackboard the first day of the semester.

Usernames are created using the name that you used when you originally registered at Gaston College.  Your initial password is GC# plus your individual 7-digit student id number (for example, GC#0123456). Your student id number is found in Web Advisor. All passwords are managed through the Gaston College Student Password Management System. (Do not use Internet Explorer as your browser to access the Student Password Management System.)

NOTE: In the event that the college web site is down, you can type the following URL into the address bar located at the top of your browser window to access the Blackboard server: You should bookmark this site in your browser.