English as a Second Language

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English as a Second Language (ESL) provides instruction for individuals with limited English proficiency. ESL stresses development of basic language skills in preparation for daily life, employment, and citizenship.

All new English As A Second Language students are required to attend a free, one-day test.

Pre-registration is required. Contact Tammy McIntyre at 704-922-6319 or email mcintyre.tammy@gaston.edu 

Students under 18 (16 & 17 only) must have completed Minor Paperwork. Dropout Prevention/Driver’s License Guidelines

Classes are offered at no charge. Study site hours vary depending on site location. For more information call 704-922-6319 or email mcintyre.tammy@gaston.edu 

* A current, valid Passport, Driver’s License, or State ID.
* Tax ID# (TIN) or Social Security Card.
* Face covering.

* Due to COVID-19, we are limited by social distancing which affects the number of students we can serve. We will take the first 12 students who arrive early with the required documents.

For information regarding Minor Paperwork and general questions, please contact:
Belinda Butler, Butler.Belinda@gaston.edu, 704-922-6545.