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  • A registered apprenticeship is a combination of classroom and on-the-job training that prepares a person for a U.S. Dept. of Labor job title.
  • Apprentices take college classes at a community college while working with a mentor on the job to learn a checklist of skills applicable to their job. Every job title requires a certain number of classroom hours and a certain number of on the job training hours.
  • In addition to paying the apprentice an hourly wage, the employer also pays for the tuition, books, and fees for the apprentices’ college classes.


  • Apprentices typically work 32 hours per week while going to college taking 8-10 semester hours. The pay increases as the apprentice is signed off on job skills. Starting pay is typically $10-$12 per hour and end pay is typically $18-$20 per hour.
  • Four programs are currently available with two additional programs* set to begin Fall, 2016:
    • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic (4,000 hours)
    • Machine Set-up Operator (4,000 hours)
    • Chemical Operator III (6,000 hours)
    • Tool Set-up Operator (6,000 hours)
    • Mechatronics Technician (8,000 hours)
    • Tool & Die Maker (8,000 hours )
  • With input from the member company, Gaston College will deliver related instruction that is relevant to the apprenticeable occupation.
  • Gaston College will operate the Apprenticeship Program in accordance with the North Carolina Standards of Apprenticeship and will provide to the company a copy of the standards as approved for Apprenticeship 321.

Interested in becoming a member company with Apprenticeship 321? 

Please contact:
Jill Hendrix
Apprenticeship 321 & Continuing Education