Financial Documents


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  1. A notarized Affidavit of Financial Support completed by your parent or sponsor.
  2. An original letter from your sponsor’s bank or financial institution giving the following information:
    • Date account was opened.
    • Current account balance (showing a minimum of $17,500 on deposit).
    • A current exchange rate or U.S. dollar equivalent .
    • This letter must be on bank stationary and signed by a bank official. A photocopy of your sponsor’s monthly bank statement DOES NOT QUALIFY!
      Sample Letter Bank

If you plan to support yourself, an Affidavit of Support is not required. You must submit a letter from your bank with the above information and the bank account must be in your name.

If you have a family member or friend who lives in the Charlotte/Metro area and plans to provide you with housing free of charge, that person must submit a signed, notarized letter with a clear statement of intention to provide room & board free of charge for the duration of your studies. In such a case, the estimated living expenses of $8,500 per year do not have to be documented.

All financial documentation should accompany your International Student Application by the posted International Student Application deadline.