The Campus Emergency Notification is Gaston College’s urgent notification system comprised of a variety of methods by which the college can contact students, faculty, and staff. Emergency notifications texted to your cell phone – no spam, confidential and convenient.

GC Alerts

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GC Alert (Emergency Notification System)

Gaston College uses an alert service that notifies the campus community if an emergency situation occurs or is imminent, including campus closings. The service provides important information to your email account and, if you entered your mobile phone information, as a text message to your mobile phone. Because text to a mobile phone is limited in size, the email will often contain additional information. 

Anyone from the following groups is automatically enrolled for email notifications. In order to receive phone text alerts, you need to sign-in and enter your mobile phone contact information. Your username is your Gaston College email address. You can add up to three mobile devices and three email addresses from your account. Parents of GC students can be registered under the student account.

  • Full-time temporary or regular faculty
  • Part-time curriculum instructors
  • Full or part-time regular staff
  • Part-time temporary staff
  • All curriculum students