Work Based Learning (WBL) is an academic program. This course provides a work-based learning experience with a college approved employer in an area related to the student’s program of study. Emphasis is placed on integrating classroom learning with related work experience.

The Work Based Learning office has a full range of career opportunities available, helping students present themselves effectively as candidates, and aiding them in finding part-time, full-time, temporary, and summer employment. In addition to current students, the placement office is available to service all prospective graduates and alumni of the college.

Work-Based Learning and Placement

Student’s Academic Requirement for Work-Based Learning Course

  • Must have 2.0 overall grade point average (GPA) or must receive WBL departmental approval and maintain that GPA while participating.
  • Must meet the eligibility requirements for WBL in your curriculum area and be recommended for WBL.
  • Must work a minimum of 160 hours to receive 1 credit hour or 320 hours to receive 2 credit hours toward fulfilling your graduation requirements.
  • Must have completed 9 credit hours or departmental approval.

Benefits to the Students

  • Build job qualifications for future employment
  • Earn college credit while working
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Reaffirm career choices
  • Boost GPA
  • Obtain financial support
  • Gain professional experience
  • Network with prospective employers

Benefits for Employer

  • Introduces students to your company policies, work ethic, requirements and operation.
  • Gives you the chance to evaluate prospective employee’s aptitudes and capabilities before making a long-term commitment.
  • Frees professional personnel for more creative and responsible decision making functions.
  • Saves on personnel recruitment costs.
  • Develops students who become ambassadors for your company.
  • Presents the opportunity for industry to become a partner in the educational process.

Employer Responsibilities

  • Interview and select appropriate WBL student for the company.
  • Provide opportunity for WBL student to perform practical jobs or tasks
    related to their academic major or career interests.
  • Provide supervision of student at the work site.
  • Provide job description to student.
  • Permit faculty and/or WBL Representative to conduct several on-site
    visits with student and their supervisor.

Programs eligible for WBL

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration
Automotive Systems Technology
Broadcasting and Production Technology

Business Administration-Human Resources Management
Business Administration-General

Computer Integrated Machining
Criminal Justice Technology
Dietetic Technician
Early Childhood Education
Emergency Management
Fire Protection Technology
General Occupational Technology
Health & Fitness Science
Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology-Dev. Disabilities
Industrial Systems Technology
Information Technology-Application Development
Information Technology-Data Analytics and Database Mgmt
Information Technology-Digital Media
Information Technology-Information Systems Support
Information Technology-Network and Security

Manufacturing Technology
Medical Office Administration – General
Medical Office Administration
Medical Office Administration Document Specialist

Office Administration-General
Office Administration-Legal
Office Administration-Office Finance
Office Administration-Office Software Specialist
Paralegal Technology
Supply Chain Management-Distribution Management

Veterinary Medical Technology
Welding Technology


The work based learning experience is an integral component of the student’s education, which supplements academic knowledge with personal growth and professional development. This work experience is related to the student’s major field of study and allows students to earn college credit while working. Work Based Learning classes are listed as electives in most academic programs. WBL opportunities may be paid positions or performed on a volunteer basis.

You may register for WBL Classes any time during the semester. To get the process started, please print out and complete the following application packet and contact our office for an appointment. Once registered and orientation is complete, please print out provided booklet and mid semester evaluation.



Job opening information and other useful resources are posted on College Central Network. A sampling of job openings are posted on a job board located between the bookstore and Linda’s Campus Café in the Myers Center of the Dallas campus. Websites of area agencies are accessed frequently for current job opportunities and made available for students to review.


Joy Morrow,  Work-Based Learning and Placement Job Developer/Coordinator
DSC 114

Jill Lutz, Associate Vice President of Economic Workforce Development
DSC 221 C

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