The Student Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP) provides up to $200 in assistance (tuition, books, or academic supplies) for an immediate academic need deterring your success at Gaston College. You may print an application or stop by the Learning, Persistence, and Completion Center in the Craig Arts and Sciences Building, Room 222.

Student Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP)

SEAP Requirements

The Student Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP) is funded by the Gaston College Foundation through contributions made by community members, faculty, and staff who have designated their gift to be used for student support. Students are eligible to receive SEAP funding only once per academic year (fall, spring, and summer semesters).

To Qualify for the SEAP You Must…

  • Be a currently-enrolled, full or part-time Gaston College student in a degree or curriculum program (basic skills students, continuing education students who receive tuition waivers, and Career and College Promise students are not eligible)
  • Be requesting assistance for the current academic semester (applications requesting assistance for the subsequent semester will not be reviewed until the first day of class)
  • Complete a FAFSA application for the current academic year (call the financial aid office at 704-922-6227 with questions)

Note: after receiving the funds, you must write a letter of appreciation to the Gaston College Foundation.

SEAP Funds Can Be Used For…

  • Tuition assistance: your account balance must be $500 or less for your application to be approved; if approved, payment will be applied directly to your outstanding balance
  • Book assistance: you must provide an itemized list from the GC Bookstore for the cost of all requested books including taxes; if approved, you will receive a voucher to the GC Bookstore that must be used on the same business day that you pick it up from the GC Business Office
  • Academic supplies assistance: you must provide an itemized cost list for the needed supplies, such as drug tests, immunizations, certification exams, uniforms, shoes, and tools; if approved, a check/voucher for the appropriate amount will be made out to the business/organization listed

SEAP Cannot Be Used For…

  • Tuition assistance if your account balance is more than $500
  • Life expenses, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation, gas, car repairs, or daycare
  • Repayment (paying back money owed to Gaston College)
  • Certification exams for classes completed outside of Gaston College
  • Reimbursement for expenses already incurred

SEAP and Financial Aid Information

  • SEAP is not affiliated with financial aid sources, including Pell, WIA, TAA, scholarships, and grants
  • You may apply for the SEAP if financial aid did not cover your entire tuition, book, and academic supplies expenses
  • You may apply for the SEAP if you applied for, but did not receive, financial aid assistance
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