Clubs are the essence of student life on campus and they are a big responsibility. The Inter-Club Council (ICC) consists of elected representatives from over 40 campus clubs. Monthly ICC meetings, held in Myers Center Room 216, provide a forum for clubs to discuss upcoming events and collaborate actions on student issues, fundraisers, and club activities.

Inter-club Council

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The Inter-Club Council (ICC) coordinates all activities sponsored by campus student organizations. It is charged with the responsibility of approving all efforts by Gaston College clubs including fund-raising. Membership is composed of representatives from each of the campus clubs. All student clubs organized and active on campus shall be subject to the rules and regulations promulgated by the ICC. Also, in order to be recognized by the college, a club must submit to the ICC on an annual basis a listing of officers, advisor(s), and schedule of meetings to be held. The ICC shall have the right to suspend or terminate a club upon the receipt of administrative or student complaints after an appropriate hearing. Click here for the By-Laws of the Inter-Club Council.