Our Progress & Plan

Our Progress & Plan

Gaston College is committed to utilizing the principles of universal design in order to improve learning outcomes and access to everyone. The ADA Compliance Task Force was formed in Fall 2015 to address gaps in the process that ensures all content is accessible on the website and for eLearning materials by developing a 5-year eLearning and Website Plan.


Summary and Successes

An ADA Compliance Task Force developed a Website and eLearning Accessibility Implementation Plan and the Gaston College Five Year Web Accessibility Plan was presented to campus in Fall 2016.


  • Professional Development conducted on Universal Design for Learning (UDL), document accessibility, captioning of videos, and creating accessible online courses.
  • Created ADA compliant syllabus template for all curriculum courses.
  • Conducted divisional meetings providing accessibility updates.
  • Implemented Blackboard Ally to gauge accessibility of content in our Learning Management System (LMS) Blackboard.
  • Increased LMS accessibility score from 54 percent to 88 percent.
  • Developed and facilitate an online Blackboard and Accessibility Training (BAAT) course for faculty.
  • Utilized accessibility checkers, Microsoft Office, Adobe DC, and CommonLook software, to aid in the remediation of documents.
  • Provided captions and transcripts for multi-media.


  • Various web accessibility tools were researched to help identify website compliant errors.
  • Implemented SiteImprove for initial website assessment.
  • Prioritized website corrections then reviewed and determined corrections responsibilities.
  • Identified website content managers and conducted training sessions.
  • Ensured website content compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements.
  • Applied the principle of UDL across web pages.
  • Conducted Web Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Assessed Word, PDF, and multimedia on website.
  • Utilize SiteImprove to continue monitoring website content and all integrated elements to ensure compliance.
  • Installed Blackboard Ally on the website to provide website visitors with alternative formats for reading content.
  • Raised accessibility scores through SiteImprove on all GC websites to over 93-97%.
  • Starting the research phase for website redesign to further enhance site usability going forward.

Ongoing efforts

  • Delivering targeted communications and presentations on universal design and accessibility.
  • Promoting implementation of Accessibility policy and guidelines.
  • Recruiting more campus wide accessibility liaisons and continuing ADA Compliance Team meetings.
  • Continuing to monitor and assess eLearning content utilizing Blackboard Ally and other tools to ensure accessible content.
  • Continuing to monitor and assess websites based on the revised Section 508 standards (which include WCAG 2.0 Level AA criteria).
  • Promoting the use of accessible templates for documents, events, and presentations.
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