Steps to Graduation

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  1. Attend an AHS Student Success Class:
    • For more information on orientation, please call Tonya Propst – 704-748-5205 or Debra Hissom – 704-922-6319.
  2. Complete all required courses.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Life Skills Student Success Counselor to receive your AHS graduation petition. 
  4. Submit your completed AHS graduation petition to the AHS Coordinator.

Graduation Ceremony

We offer a cap and gown graduation ceremony in the spring of each year to honor all of the graduates from the previous calendar year. You will receive information about how to participate in the ceremony after you have completed all graduation requirements. You will need to complete the Application for the Life Skills Graduation ceremony and purchase your cap & gown. Although we encourage you participate, you do not have to attend the graduation ceremony to receive your diploma.

Receiving Your Diploma

Your diploma will be ordered after you complete all graduation requirements as required by the state of NC and the local county school board. You will be notified when your diploma is available. You must pick up your diploma in person in order for us to release it to you. You may request an official transcript as proof of graduation until your diploma arrives.