Do you plan to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte)? Do you plan to earn any of the following degrees at Gaston College: Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Engineering (AE), Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation (AATP), or Associate in Science Teacher Preparation (ASTP)?

If you answered YES to both of these questions, then the 49erNext program may be perfect for YOU!


49erNext is a program for Gaston College students who plan to transfer to UNC Charlotte to pursue a bachelor’s degree. This unique program promotes student success by offering collaborative advising that helps students progress toward timely degree completion, coordinated financial aid planning, and career advising. 49erNext students are guaranteed admission at UNC Charlotte after completing an eligible associate degree while earning the required minimum GPA.

* Note: Students must apply to the 49erNext program in the months before starting their fall semester at Gaston College as the program is a fall start only, see further information below.

UNC Charlotte – 49erNext

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In addition to the student services you receive at Gaston College, 49erNext students receive these benefits:

  • guided transfer pathways for intended majors/programs at UNC Charlotte
  • academic advising and career services support at Gaston College
  • 49er athletic event student tickets
  • recreation center (UREC) access ($25 fee per semester**)
  • UNC Charlotte library access
  • CATS All-Transit Pass ($25 fee per semester for light rail and bus access**)
  • financial aid/FAFSA workshops
  • major and career exploration workshops

Learn more about how to take advantage of the benefits on the UNC Charlotte campus.

ELIGIBILITY – Requirements to be considered for the 49erNEXT Program:

  • have earned a high school diploma, or equivalent
  • have earned 15 or fewer credit hours (all credits earned must be from Gaston College) 
  • be pursuing one of the following transfer degrees 
    • Associate in Arts (AA)
    • Associate in Science (AS)
    • Associate in Engineering (AE)
    • Associate in Arts Teacher Preparation (AATP)
    • Associate in Science Teacher Preparation (ASTP)
  • Complete Gaston College 49erNext Program Interest Form 
  • Intend to pursue a major offered at UNC Charlotte, except Architecture, Nursing, or Fine Arts. (Please talk to a Transfer Advisor at Gaston College if you wish to pursue any of the excluded majors to learn about other transfer pathways to UNC Charlotte.)

Apply to 49er Next

Requirements to Remain in the 49erNEXT Program

  • participate in mandatory advising each semester while enrolled at Gaston College
  • remain in good academic standing
    • cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
    • progressing with approved transferable associate degree program requirements
  • submit “intended major” to Gaston College 49erNext Coordinator at the completion of 30 transfer credit hours

Requirements to Transfer to UNC Charlotte

  • complete an associate degree (AA, AS,  AE, AATP, or ASTP) at Gaston College
  • maintain a cumulative 2.0 on a 4.0 scale minimum GPA (requirements will vary for competitive majors)
  • complete UNC Charlotte admission application and send all required transcripts by set deadlines
  • participate in the Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) program before the first semester at UNC Charlotte

As participants in the 49er Next program, students are eligible to transfer into more than 75 undergraduate degree programs (130+ majors) at UNC Charlotte. While completion of the program requirements guarantees admission to UNC Charlotte, it does not guarantee admission into more selective degree programs. Some degree programs may have higher GPA and/or other admission requirements to be considered.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees are not transferable unless part of an approved bilateral agreement. Students wanting to pursue a major in Nursing and Architecture are excluded from participating in the 49erNext program.


For more information concerning the 49erNext program, please contact: 49erNext Program Advisor at