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Q:  Why do I have to take a DRE course?

A:  These courses are designed to give students a review on concepts they may not remember or mastered in previous educational settings.  The DRE courses are pre-requisites classes for ENG 111.  Upon entering the ENG curriculum courses, instructors assume you have mastered the concepts taught in the DRE courses.

Q:  How many DRE classes can I register for in one semester?

A:  You can register for up to 2 DRE classes during one semester.

Q:  Does a grade for a DRE class affect my GPA?

A:  No.  The grade given for the DRE classes is either a “P” for Pass or an “R” for Repeat.  Neither of these grades affect your GPA.

Q:  Will retaking a DRE class affect my Financial Aid?

A:  The answer to this question may vary by student.  Please call the Financial Aid Office (704-922-6227 or 704-922-2453) to get financial aid information that is individualized to your situation.

Q:  Is there a textbook for the DRE classes?

A:  Yes.  There is more than one textbook that must be purchased and may vary according to the DRE class.

Q:  Which internet browser is best to use with the online portion of DRE classes:

A:  The internet browser that works best for the online components of DRE classes is Mozilla Firefox.