As an F-1 visa student, you are expected to provide proof of available funds for your academic studies and living expenses while attending Gaston College. (Tuition and book expenses are paid per semester. Living expenses are not paid to the college but must be documented as available to qualify for the I-20.)

Estimated Expenses

Estimated Expenses

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1st Semester
2nd Semester
Tuition & Fees
Books & Supplies
Living Expenses (est.)
Medical Expenses
Total Expenses:


*Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. The summer semester is not included in this total.

The above estimates are based on costs for a full-time single student. Any student who plans to bring dependents with him or her to the U.S. will have to document additional funds to accommodate increased living expenses and health insurance costs.

**Tuition and fees are fixed costs subject to increase at any time by the N.C. State Legislature. The other items are estimates and should be considered as the minimum.

-Additional Funds for dependents:

  1. spouse (husband or wife) – $5000.00
  2. children – $2000.00 per child