Club Activities & Fundraisers

Before organizing any fundraising or club sponsored activities, clubs must complete and submit the club and organization activity and fundraiser clearance form to the Coordinator of Student Activities three weeks prior to the suggested start date of the activity. Fundraising and club sponsored strategies are also available in the Office of Student Activities.


Club Approval

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Club activities are approved at several levels. The club advisor is the first to give permission for an activity. Approval is indicated with a signature on the Club and Organization Activity and Fundraiser Clearance Form. The signature of the advisor is a commitment to be present at the activity and give it the proper supervision. After the advisor gives approval the information about the activity is presented to the Inter-Club Council. The support of other college clubs is assured from this presentation to the ICC. The chairperson and advisor of this group sign the form in the appropriate blocks. After the club advisor and ICC representatives sign; the signatures of others are secured as needed. For example, if security is required for the event, campus police must sign the form. The final signature needed to begin the activity is the Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management. This signature is the final approval for the activity. The activity clearance form with its signed approvals is filed in the Office of Student Activities.