Develop Your Employees into Leaders

Leadership Essentials

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Do you have a pipeline of next-generation leaders ready to help your organization grow and succeed?

As organizations have changed over the years there are many more employees propelled into leadership positions, whether it’s as a supervisor or simply a project leader. Work is done in more cross-functional teams and many times employees are being given the opportunity to lead and influence their peers regardless of their position level.

The Benefits of Leadership Development

Leadership development is an essential component for organizational success. We partner with local businesses to give you a Leadership Essentials Certificate Program that provides your employees with the valuable foundational knowledge they’ll need to be effective in leading and managing others. Following this with your own mentoring and coaching programs can help your organization:

  • Increase your ability to attract and retain talent
  • Improve employee and customer satisfaction
  • Be more flexible and adaptable to changes in your business environment

Leadership Essentials Certificate Program Courses

The program includes six courses taught by industry experts. Participants are able to network and collaborate with peers throughout the program helping them build many of the essential skills we are teaching them.

The Supervisor’s Role | Aug. 27, 2020

Participants are introduced to the supervisor’s competency model to gain an understanding of the skills necessary for success as a frontline leader. They’ll also develop their own personal leadership vision and legacy goals as they learn about effective leadership styles and explore how their style impacts others.

Employee Engagement | Sept. 10, 2020

Based on the best-selling book by Patrick Lencioni’s, The Truth About Employee Engagement, this course uses his workshop materials as participants learn the secrets to creating engaged team members that enjoy their jobs and contribute to the organization’s success.

5 Languages of Appreciation | Sept. 24, 2020

Using the workshop materials designed by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Paul White, authors of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, participants will gain an understanding of the positive and negative impacts when trying to communicate employee appreciation in the workplace. 

Time Management & Organization | Oct. 22, 2020

Participants will gain a new awareness about their daily tasks and how they can more effectively manage priorities. This interactive class helps them learn to categorize work, prioritize for themselves and their team, and how to keep everything in sync in a digital world.

Strategies for Effective Communication | Nov. 12, 2020

Participants will learn the vital communication skill necessary to thrive as a leader. They’ll explore various situations when communication is vital, best methods for communication, how to manage the message, and how to ensure they deliver a clear message.

Resolving Conflicts | Dec. 10, 2020

Participants explore the types of conflicts they encounter in their own workplaces and their role in addressing them. They’ll explore the importance of recognizing and addressing conflict quickly and will learn effective techniques for diffusing situations.

Program Cost, Location and Meeting Times

Total cost for the complete Leadership Essentials Certificate Program is $600 per person. Businesses that enroll employees before August 12, 2020 are eligible for a 10% discount.

Each class will be held from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in Room 133 at The Center for Advanced Manufacturing, 870 Gastonia Technology Parkway in Dallas, NC.


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If you have any questions about this program contact Jennifer Bowen at or 704.748.5216.