BioNetwork Learning Solutions Center

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Instructional Design and Development

The Learning Solutions Center uses a systematic process of instructional specifications to ensure design and development quality. With our instructional design process we can develop state-of-the-art, interactive learning solutions using our team of experts. Some of the key aspects of our instructional design process include performing a needs assessment, evaluating existing material, creating performance objectives and developing a detailed project plan. We offer a proven design process that is repeatable and ensures the development of high-quality learning solutions.


The lifestyles of 21st century learners demand flexibility of training. The Learning Solutions team works with subject matter experts to develop interactive learning objects that support online and hybrid learning. Learning objects are reusable chunks of training that can be used in many different settings. Our goal is to use technological tools such as webinars, multimedia, simulations, flash modules, and serious games to immerse the learner in highly effective, participant-centered eLearning.

Regional Training Events

Whether you are offering training at a single location or in multiple locations, the Learning Solutions team provides an invaluable service in the success of training events. We offer a platform of services from pre-event planning and online registration to providing a live webinar and recording the event for future access. We deliver cutting edge service by following a detailed process and developing a one-on-one relationship with our customers.

Project Management

Our approach to developing interactive learning solutions involves a commitment to planning and managing resources from project conception to implementation. Our team offers exceptional leadership to projects by using a project plan to clearly outline the project’s scope, goals and deliverables, budget and resources. We consider project management as the critical component in the success of instructional design and development, e-learning and regional training events.