The Fabric Analysis Laboratory has a talented staff adept at analyzing fiber, yarn and fabric defects. They have numerous tools and resources at their disposal to aid in this very challenging type of analysis.

Please contact Leslie Berryhill to discuss
your fabric and defect analysis needs.
704-825-6293 or

Services Offered

*Pricing Effective October 1, 2018*

  • Cross Section ~ $80/sample or $120/comparing normal vs defect yarns
    Yarn and fiber identification and analysis per cross section.
  • Defect Analysis Sample Exam $80/sample
    Visual analysis and defect determination
  • Fabric Construction $50/sample (n=3)
    Visual determination of weave process.
  • Filament Count ~ $80/sample (n=3)
    Determine filament count
  • Knit Extension ~ $60/sample (n=10)
    Measures the tightness and looseness of a yarn within a knitted fabric.
  • Plastic Replica ~ $45/sample
    Determines if defects in a fabric such as streaks and barre are caused by physical or dye defects.
  • Pressure Level ~ $65/sample
    Supplemental dye lab procedure for defect determination.
  • Sample Prep ~ $80/hour
    Separate normal and defect for woven and knit
  • Scrim Analysis ~ $180/sample
    Analysis comparison of one fiber component to the other in an intimate blend.
  • Short length yarn denier from fabric ~ $50/ sample (n=10)
    This method covers the determination of the yarn taken from any textile fabrics in which the yarns are intact and can be removed in measurable lengths. Because this method is based in short length specimens, the results should only be considered as approximations of the yarn number.
  • Staple Length from fabric $80/sample (n=25)
    This method covers the determination of average staple length and staple length distribution of both manufactured and natural fibers by manually measuring single fiber length.
  • Twist per inch (from fabric) ~ $50/sample (n=10)
    This test determines the amount and direction of twist at the completion of any stage of twisting in single (spun or filament) yarns taken from fabrics.
  • Unravel Warp Knit ~ $80/hour
    Fabric deconstruction, usually for further analysis.
  • Weave Extension ~ $50/sample (n=10)
    Measures the tightness and looseness of a yarn within a woven fabric.

Fabric and Yarn Analysis Priority Assignment

Standard service is completion within 15 working business days or more (3+ weeks, timing for this lab is dependent on the availability in other labs.)

Priority Service is completion within 5 working days or 1 week ~ 100%

Rush Service is completion within 10 working business days or 2 weeks ~ 50% surcharge

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