Where the creation of synthetic fibers begins. From polymer to chip to fiber. From fiber to yarn, then fabric, melt extrusion is the start of seeing your sample come to being. With small run capabilities, see if your formulation will translate well when implemented at your own mill or plant; minimizing your investment risk. Let the Textile Center's Melt Extrusion Laboratory be your lab for perfecting your project from its start!

Please contact Charles Reid to discuss your extrusion needs. 704-825-5003 or reid.charles@gaston.edu

Services Offered

  • Fiber Drawing ~ $70/Process Hour Single thread line, four heated rolls
  • Melt Spinner (Small Extruder) ~ $1950/Day Single line multi-filament melt extruder.
  • Vacuum Solid State Polymerization (SSP) ~ Call for quote Heats in a vacuum to a predetermined temperature.
  • Melt Spinner (Large Extruder) ~ $2360/Day Single line multi-filament melt extruder.
  • Staple Draw Line ~ $1485/Day Processes filament fiber into cut staple with 2 draw lines, crimper, drying oven and cutter.
  • Fiber Cutting ~ $85/Process Hour Cuts drawn uncrimped fiber into staple, 1/2” to 7”.
  • Chip Drying ~ Call for quote Dessicate up to 180 pounds. Vacuum up to 250 pounds.
  • SSP (Tabletop Lab Unit) ~ Call for quote (Reactor ~ $1100/Day) 2 Liter Batch Autoclave includes cleanout/wash batch.
  • Crystallizing Oven ~ Call for quote With vacuum
  • One Shot Extruder ~ $350 per run includes clean up
  • *$85/labor hour ~ additional services*
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