If you are developing fabrics for firefighters, military, occupational, etc., let the Textile Technology Center at Gaston College help. From the versatile ASTM D6413 vertical burn test to TPP thermal protective performance testing.

Please contact Jim Taft for Flammability Testing Information.
704-825-6298, or taft.jim@gaston.edu

Services Offered

  • Flammability Vertical Burn (Draperies) 
    (NFPA 701) Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films. Drapery fabric is tested by burning a small sample and measuring the flame, char length and flaming residue.
  • Flammability Vertical Burn 
    (ASTM D6413) Standard Test Method Flame Resistance of Textiles. The purpose of this test is to determine whether a fabric will continue to burn after the source of ignition is removed.
  • TPP (Thermal Protective Performance) 
    (ASTM F2700, ASTM F2703, ISO 17492, NFPA 1971) Standard Test Method for Unsteady-State Heat Transfer Evaluation of Flame Resistant Materials for Clothing with Continuous Heating. This test method is intended for the determination of the heat transfer performance value of a material, a combination of materials, or a comparison of different materials used in flame resistant clothing for workers exposed to combined convective and radiant thermal hazards.
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