From diagnostic dyeing and colorfastness evaluation to shade matching, the Dyeing Laboratory’s abilities can be performed on fiber, yarn and fabric samples.

Please contact Jerome Harris for Dyeing Laboratory Information.

704-825-6285 or

Services Offered

  • Merge Checks
    Competitive and Comparative
  • Colorfastness to Laundering, Home and Commercial:
    Accelerated (AATCC 61) 
  • Gaston County Mini-Lab Jet 
  • Scour 
  • Launderometer / Ahiba Nuance
    Dye Puffs/Fabric 
    Pre-Bleach and Afterclear, if necessary 
    Pressure Level 
    Washing Accelerated 
  • Gaston County Package Machine (2 pound max.)
  • Gaston County Futura Jet Dye
  • Ahiba Skein Dyer 
  • Colorfastness to Water (AATCC 107) 
  • V-Value for Polyester
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