Mission Statement
To create opportunities that build and enhance global awareness, inspire cultural competence, stimulate personal ethical growth, and deepen intellectual inquiry within the students, faculty, and staff of Gaston College as well as the larger community.

Global Imprints

Globalizing Gaston College

  • Scholars of Global Distinction
  • Turning Pages (International Book Club)
  • Events
  • Study Tours
  • World Quest
    • WorldQuest is an academic competition sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Charlotte. The topics covered this year include The Rise of ISIS, World Flags, Cuba, Geography (Antarctica), History of the Rwandan Genocide, Global Food Security, Brexit, International Relations Theory, and Cultural Norms, Practices, and Superstitions Around the World. Global Imprints will send a Gaston College team made up of eight students and faculty members to compete.
    • Workshop
  • Reel Culture (Global Films Series)

Contact: Brian Bookout – 704.922.6342 or bookout.brian@gaston.edu

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