College is more than just the grades you make. Many students do several outside activities that greatly enhance their college experience. Why not be recognized for all the things you do? Enhance your experience and employability by earning the Learn 4 Life Award. This optional program involves hands-on learning, in-depth studies, and guidance along the way. You may print the Learn 4 Life application or pick up a copy in your Dean’s Office.

Learn 4 Life

Learn 4 Life Activities

You will need to successfully complete four of the activities below. Please keep in mind that approval is required before initiating any of the following activities, which must be separate from activities as part of course credit. You will receive recognition during graduation ceremonies.

Five Cultural Events

Attend a minimum of five pre-approved cultural events (i.e., poetry reading at the
Writing Center, Art displays at the Library and Gallery, or attend a lecture or workshop) and provide a written summary of the experience along with a signature from an advisor of the community/campus program sponsoring the event.

Campus Club Member

Be an active member in a Gaston College student club or professional organization as evidenced by a signed statement from the faculty or staff advisor for the organization.

30 Hours Documented Tutoring

Complete 30 hours of documented academic tutoring service (paid or unpaid) at the Gaston College Learning Center or other recognized College program or at a preapproved community organization and have a representative of the tutoring office submit a signed form.

Present at a Professional Conference

Actively participate as a presenter in a faculty approved professional conference, workshop, or continuing education/show in your area of study (professional organization, conference, art show, etc.) and provide the event brochure.

Green Project

Participate in a pre-approved “Green” project either on campus or in the community and provide a written summary of the experience along with a signature from an advisor of the community/campus program.

Elected Officer in a Campus Club

Be an elected officer of a campus club and provide evidence of participation from the club advisor.

Professional Portfolio

Develop a professional portfolio that reflects academic growth in a particular area of study through an organized, goal-driven exhibit providing evidence of knowledge and performance.

Computer/Marketing Skills

Demonstrate how you used a computer or a marketing skill learned in class in the running of a family or personal business or non-profit organization through a written report that explains how the skill was used and the outcome of using the skill.

Study Tour Course

Enroll in the Gaston College study tour course and complete normal requirements with a grade of C or better.

Community Service Project

Take an active role in a non-mandated community service project with at least 20 hours service documented by the community service organizer.

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