Stay informed about textbooks purchases, rentals and buyback information. Also check here for important scheduling dates, graduation order and purchase process.

Bookstore Announcements

Gaston College Bookstore – Spring 2021 Calendar

December 1: Purchases begin for the fall semester for those paying with cash, check, credit card or third-party vouchers). Click to purchase books online.

December 1418: Third-party vouchers will be issued for purchases in the Bookstore.

January 4: Financial Aid/PELL Grant and Scholarship pre-semester purchases start. 
(Order course materials early; online pre-semester purchases for delivery are highly recommended.  There will be limited in-store access due to COVID -19 restrictions).

January 11: First day of class for the spring semester at Gaston College.

January 18: HOLIDAY (College/Bookstore closed).

January 29: Financial aid bookstore purchase deadline.  (Exceptions will be given for students taking late-start classes.)

February 16: Financial Aid refund checks will be mailed or direct deposited.

March 8-13: Faculty/Student Break (Bookstore will be open March 8-12 and will close each day at 4:00pm.)

March 31: Student Break/Professional Development Day (Bookstore Closed)

April 1: Faculty/Student Break (Bookstore will close at 4:00pm)

April 2: HOLIDAY – (College/Bookstore closed)

April 3–6:  Faculty/Student Break (Bookstore will close each day at 4:00pm)

May 11–13: Book Buyback Spring Semester Dallas and Lincoln Campuses (Tentative) (TBA)

Financial aid students will be allowed to purchase books online and charge to their FA account on the Bookstore website. 

Currently, we are not taking appointments for special programs. However, this may change in the future as pandemic conditions change. If you have bookstore related questions, please call us at 704.922.6428. 

The Bookstore continues to encourage online ordering. If we have more students in the lobby area than we are able to socially distance in the store students will be given a numbered ticket and seated in the auditorium until called into the store. Masks are required inside the store. 

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